Mission Statement

As a leader of world LCD service and logistics center, TDS offers prototypes in the industry through quality management system. TDS provides win-win solutions on step ahead and achieve secure relationship with customers.


Code of Conduct

1. Speed and accuracy is our competitive power

  • Simplify and systematize for efficiency and quality

2. Customer-Oriented Quality

  • Continuous improvement to satisfy our customers

3. Work as a team and succeed as a team

  • Understanding and sharing company goal

4. Operate Quality Management System

  • Document what you do, Do what you document

5. 5-s Organization

  • Proper signs and identification(Place, Material, Qty, Ownership)

5-s Organization


- The first step in making things cleaned up and organized

Set In Order(Straighten)

- Organize, identify and arrange everything in a work area


- Regular cleaning and maintenance


- Make it easy to maintain : Simplify and standardize


- Maintaining what has been accomplished

TDS Win-Win Solutions